Basic content of cored wire

In the modern metallurgical process, it is usually necessary to add various solvents and trace alloys to molten steel, resulting in a lot of waste. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of trace alloys and solvents, cored wire was invented . It is a mature technology to add cored wire to molten steel with ladle wire feeding device, which has good metallurgical effect.

Core-spun wire has good deoxidation and desulfurization functions, and is widely used in steelmaking and foundry industries by manufacturers. Core-spun wire can improve the anisotropy of steel in the steelmaking process. Manufacturers can quickly feed silicon-calcium-barium cored wire into molten steel with the help of a wire feeder. The cored wire can be used in the steelmaking industry and foundry industry. When used in steelmaking, it can purify the shape of inclusions in steel, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, significantly increase the yield of alloys, reduce The consumption of alloy reduces the production cost of steelmaking. The alloy cored wire adopts the wire feeding method, and the feeding speed can be set according to the diameter of the alloy cored wire and the melting point of the wire. The alloy cored wire is vertically inserted into molten iron or molten steel through a wire feeder, melted to an ideal depth, and a physical and chemical reaction occurs, avoiding the reaction of added elements with air and slag, improving the yield of elements, achieving refining, precision casting, changing inclusions, For the purpose of alloying and improving composition, improving the quality of cast iron and cast steel

Generally speaking, the types of cored wire include silicon calcium cored wire, titanium iron cored wire, boron iron cored wire, silicon manganese calcium cored wire, rare earth silicon magnesium cored wire, rare earth silicon barium cored wire, silicon Calcium barium aluminum cored wire, metal magnesium cored wire, iron calcium cored wire, calcium iron cored wire, pure calcium cored wire, aluminum calcium cored wire and rare earth. The packaging methods generally include flat cable packaging: horizontal and vertical flat cable packaging, which are divided into two packaging methods: internal tap type and external type.

Features of cored wire: 1. It is beneficial to control the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, greatly increase the yield of alloy, reduce smelting cost, shorten smelting time, and precisely control the composition. 2. It can purify molten steel and partially change the nature and shape of inclusions, improve the quality of molten steel and improve the casting state. 3. There are two types of cored wire: inner pull type and outer release type. The mechanical equipment required for wire feeding is simple and reliable, and the floor space is small, especially the inner pull type cored wire is more suitable for use in narrow places.