What is cored wire? What are the characteristics and functions

In the modern metallurgical process, it is usually necessary to add various solvents and trace alloys to molten steel, resulting in a lot of waste. In order to improve the utilization efficiency of trace alloys and solvents, cored wire was invented . It is a mature technology to add cored wire to molten steel with ladle wire feeding device, which has good metallurgical effect.

There are generally three ways to add the cored wire powder: 1. The cored wire powder is melted, crushed, sieved, and then packaged into a cored wire; 2. The cored wire powder is made of different densities and different particles. The powder is manually mixed and wrapped into a cored wire, but due to the different specific gravity of different powders, it is very difficult to mix evenly; 3. The feeding method of the cored wire powder is to use multiple hoppers for feeding. Since the specific gravity of various powders is different, the falling speed will also be different, so it is difficult to accurately control the falling amount of different materials in the hopper, especially the uniformity of various powders.

On-line high-precision mixing of cored wire powder fills the cored wire without component segregation. The cored wire is physically mixed with strip steel and powders of various components, and the powders of different densities and components are evenly wrapped in the cored wire in a certain proportion. The mixing method is: online mixing and combination weighing with high-precision belts, weighing with weighing units, and then conveying with belt conveyors, and then mixing and wrapping powders of various components and materials with strip steel.

The main components of cored wire powder are ferrosilicon and pure magnesium, which are mixed online with a certain particle size and ratio through a high-precision belt. Taking the mixed spheroidizing wire as an example, the weight of each ball is 210g, of which 147g is ferrosilicon accounting for 70%, and 63g is magnesium. The unit powder precision of the cored wire produced by the online mixing method is 1.2-1.8%.

The cored wire powder can be fused together without smelting various materials. Through the online mixing method, various powders of different densities can be well mixed together according to the process requirements, eliminating the need to evenly fuse various materials through smelting. This will save a lot of electric energy, greatly reduce the discharge of harmful substances, greatly reduce labor and labor intensity, and have good economic and social benefits.

Core-spun wire has the advantages of uniform core material composition, high filling rate, applicable to various industries, effectively reducing production costs and storage time during smelting. The cored wire can be more convenient to add metallurgical materials to the molten steel during the steelmaking process of the manufacturer. The method of use is to insert the cored wire vertically into the molten iron or molten steel through the wire feeder of the manufacturer, and insert the cored wire, etc. at an ideal depth. Metallurgical materials are fully melted and produce chemical reactions, effectively avoiding the reaction of added elements with air and slag, and improving the absorption rate of metallurgical materials of manufacturers. The cored wire also has the functions of refining and precision casting to change inclusions, alloy and purify molten steel, which plays an important role in improving the quality of cast iron and cast steel, reducing the cost of casting and steelmaking, and improving the economic benefits of cast iron and cast steel.